A community catalyst dedicated to nurturing collaboration, experimentation and learning for transformative change.


This is a decisive decade for humanity and the planet. We need to take action now to shape our long-term future.

Our life’s foundations are radically shifting. From climate crisis to technological acceleration and changing values, transformations abound in today’s world.

What we need now are societies capable of co-creating desirable futures. This takes new ways of thinking, acting and coming together — across disciplines, sectors and localities.

In short: we are called to cultivate our collective ability to imagine, seed and catalyze radical systemic changes.

SOAM is a community catalyst that explores new forms of collaborative imagination, experimentation and learning. Our programs support and connect people who work on the cutting-edges of social, ecological, and technological transformations.

Join our evolving community of practice and engage with other spirited, inquisitive and — at times — provocative minds.

Why we exist


In face of growing existential risk, how might we steward pathways toward planetary well-being?

Around the world, we are feeling the urgency to shift the status quo in order to tackle today’s planetary-scale challenges. Calls for transformation are popping up everywhere. Yet we hardly move beyond buzzwords, one-off initiatives or proclaimed intents.

So how might we make meaningful change happen? How might we leverage our relationships to bring the new into reality? How might we imagine, design and build systems that support a collective breakthrough?

SOAM strives to advance our understanding of transformative change by weaving together diverse people, projects and perspectives. Launched in 2021, we are guided by our conviction that all purposeful transformations are a collaborative journey. This is why we support and connect communities that aim to challenge established paradigms and demonstrate new patterns of possibility. Our intention is to nurture new ecologies of thought and practice through which we can build a thriving future, together.

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What we do


Not all collaborations change the world but all systemic changes require collaboration.

We are offering two distinct yet interrelated programs:

The SOAM Residency Program provides individuals or teams with the opportunity to pursue their projects in a serene environment and connect with fellow residents from different disciplines, sectors and backgrounds.

The SOAM Community Program creates containers for diverse communities to gather and connect around shared commitments to action — all in a stimulating setting conducive to generative dialogues and integrative experiences.

The programs support both accomplished practitioners and up-and-coming pioneers at the forefront of social, technological and ecological transformations. This includes but is not limited to researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, technologists, policy-makers and civil advocates.

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Who we are


We are a growing network of people dedicated to unlocking our collective ability to transform the status quo. 
Felix Beer (TUM Think Tank):

Felix (he/him) is a transition strategist dedicated to co-creating scenarios, pathways and ecosystems for transformative change. His work focuses on building decentralized governance systems at the intersection of technology, democracy and regeneration.

Primavera de Filipi (Harvard Berkman-Klein):

Primavera (she/her) is a legal scholar who explores challenges, opportunities, and best practices in the field of blockchain governance. As a leading scholar on extitutional theory, she is also developing a new theoretical framework on structured social dynamics to help build better interfaces between institutions and extitutions.

Holke Brammer (Hypercerts):

Holke (he/him) is a political economist who is committed to improving the capacity of groups to engage in collective action through the use of technology. Currently, he is focused on the development and adoption of open-source protocols for public good funding and impact reward systems.

Lou de Kerhuelvez (Foresight Institute):

Lou (they/them) is a researcher and facilitator exploring how technologies can empower governance systems to address the existential challenges of our time. In their current work, they connect and grow a decentralized scientific community advancing those goals.

Sofía Cossar (BlockchainGov):

Sofía (she/her) is a researcher specializing in blockchain, governance, and identity. Her current focus lies on emancipatory tech interventions that promote more inclusive forms of citizenship(s) within, across, and beyond nation-state borders.

Annette Diefenthaler (Technical University Munich):

Annette (she/her) is a transdisciplinary designer committed to integrating human-centric, responsible, and co-creative design practices into research and innovation. To this end, she designs and facilitates collaborative interfaces between diverse disciplines, sectors, and backgrounds.

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Support us


SOAM thrives on collaborations with individuals, organizations and networks who want to break new ground. Together we develop programs that have a strong, positive and lasting impact on the community we support as well as on the audiences they reach.
We would be delighted to count you among our partners and look forward to engaging in a sustained dialogue.